Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Josep Cisquella - Barcelonian Painter

I wandered into the Trajan Gallery in Carmel and found two captivating, mixed media paintings by Spanish painter Josep Cisquella. Odd as it may sound, he works with shadows - giving presence to 3D objects with just a suggestion. Absolutely wonderful. This link is to his online cataglogue - you'll see what I mean.
Josep Cisquella | Trajan Gallery | Carmel

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  1. Cisquella art, I agree, is beautiful. It is his unique vision and that is why it works. I have been reading "The Accidental Masterpiece On the Art of Life and Vice Versa" by Michael Kimmelman, art critic for the NY Times. I reccommend it to all who want a better understanding of what makes art art. Kimmelman expands the concept of art through the artist's eye.