Friday, April 13, 2007

Do-It-Yourself IMUS

I'm smiling to myself this morning, listening to Dierdre Imus and Charles McCord host the last day of the Imus show, which happens to be the last day of their annual WFAN Radioathon to benefit the CJ Foundation for SIDS and the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer. They are going to raise more money this year than they ever have in the previous 17 years. If you have to get fired, this timing couldn't be better!

The tone today is very serious - I am sure Don Imus is wishing that he had told Dierdre to lay back and let Charles take the lead. He can't say it to her while she's on the air, and Charles is courteously laying low - almost a non-presence on the show. Her sincerity and passion for the work with children are carrying her through what otherwise would be a dull, stumbling, amateur presentation.

So, if you want the show to feel like Imus in the Morning, you need to fill in the blanks yourself. I just heard Station Manager Joel Hollander come on and do a passionate defense of the work they do together, promising to carry it on (it was the death of Hollander's infant daughter, CJ, that inspired Imus's passion for finding the cause(s) of SIDS). Hollander was outspoken and supportive - brave coming from an executive who is still working for CBS Radio. If Imus had been there, he would have said "Joel, I'm starting to feel bad about all the times I have trashed you on the show.......but then again, you are a butt-kissing wienie." I was wishing Charles would have said it, but I'm sure many long-time listeners like myself were saying it anyway!

It's 10am, Charles is signing off WFAN for the last time. I will miss Imus in the morning, and look forward to his return in another forum, hopefully one that I can access in my car!

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  1. Having listened to imus since I was a teenager, I gotta say this sucks