Sunday, November 04, 2007

Last Chance to register for my Executive Producing Seminar

This Tuesday, November 6, I'll be teaching a 3-hour seminar on The Art of Executive Producing at mediabistro in New York. Check it out (and refer your friends) at How to Become an Executive Producer - Courses and Seminars

This is a subject I'm truly passionate about. The transition from producing or writing shows yourself to becoming an Executive Producer - that is, assembling a highly qualified, skilled group of people and rallying their hearts and minds around a concept that is yet not fully known - is a huge one. In my experience, very few companies offer much support or training in how to become a successful production executive. Done well, magic happens and the concept comes to life as envisioned, or better. In this seminar I will give many practical examples from my years with MTV, Disney Channel, Sesame Street, VH-1, etc, and delve deeply into what skills are required, how to acquire those skills, and the best habits and practices of successful EPs.

This seminar is specifically designed for the East Coast market (news, sports, soaps, children’s or cable/reality programming) where budgets are lower and politics are slightly less fraught. Commensurately, the opportunities for originality and creativity are higher. I'm looking forward to teaching it, and from what I last heard, there are still a few seats available.

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