Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Storm

We had quite an ice storm here in the Hudson Highlands last night. They had predicted a layer of ice up to 1/2-inch thick overnight, and I think we achieved that, easily.

I was dismayed, this past Spring, when I realized I needed to spend $3000 to take down five large, dead trees, all dangerously close to the house. Thank goodness I did it. Every dead branch came down last night, including some big ones. I am glad the huge chestnut that used to rise outside my bedroom window wasn't there last night trying to bear the weight of this ice!

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  1. Hi, Blog Author! David Ashworth here, as in Roberta Roth, as in haven't heard from you in six months (not for lack of trying -- ahem!), as in 43 people can't ticket for England until we know what you are up to, So, whassup?