Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seymour Simon's new book, THE HUMAN BODY

There is nice mention of Si's latest photo essay book in "Notes from the Horn Book."Notes from the Horn Book | October, 2008
Well deserved. This is a beautiful new addition to Si's Smithsonian series.

I found a detailed and adorable review on Amazon, written by a 6-year-old named Evan. It made me smile - a new addition to the list of "raising an intelligent child tips" that one of his parents is clearly employing! The Human Body: Seymour Simon: Books: "I really liked looking at the pictures. There were some pretty big words in this book. I think lots of people would enjoy 'The Human Body' by Seymour Simon, even grown-ups."

HarperCollins: THE HUMAN BODY by Seymour Simon

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