Tuesday, March 25, 2003

British Perspective

Annie, my friend from London, has a unique point of view on the current world situation, in several respects. As she learned at her mum`s knee, "America is family - we will always be there when you ask us for help, as you were there for us in the two World Wars. We'll never forget that. That isn't to say that there won't be anything to talk about later....believe me, we'll be talking about what you've gotten us into!" She added that the French and the Germans..."well, they're our neighbours, and we do try our best to get along with our neighbours. But, you're different. You're family."

She also opined that the world might as well acknowledge that we're living at the height of the American Empire. "I know, you don't like to hear that word applied to the United States. But that's what you are. You may not have sent armies in to conquer other nations, but you've done it with your corporations. We might as well acknowledge it and start asking the real question, which is how the world can get the United States to live up to its imperial responsibilities." If you know Annie Miles, you know that this train of thought went on for quite some time. A very thought-provoking discussion, indeed.

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