Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The Presidential Prayer Team

The Presidential Prayer Team

I am speechless, having just viewed a website called "The Presidential Prayer Team." The whole idea of waging a war and pressing specific political positions in the name of God is beyond offensive. And, despite all the lip service paid to "liberating the people of Iraq," there is not one word of support or prayer for the people of Iraq, who are being subjected unrelenting stress, on this website....only prayer for American soldiers.

If I were a Jewish or Muslim parent trying to raise well-adjusted kids who are contributing citizens, I would be so discouraged to see this site.

We need to get this guy out of the White House, and refocus our country on a secular agenda that includes all people, and that recognizes our position as one among many stewards of the earth, the environment, and the fragile peace that we've nurtured with our allies over the past 40 years. This kind of a website, under presidential auspices, is completely unacceptable to me.

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