Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Night

It's an amazing thing. I have been producing television for kids and teens for over two decades, and everyone knows that as teenagers grow, they distance themselves from things they loved in their childhood. "My Little Pony," "Pokemon," "Bratz." "In Synch," "Digimon." They are absolutely passionate about it, and then they outgrow it.

Somehow, these rules do not apply to Harry Potter. As I write this, my high school junior and her friends (some of them recently graduated) are at Barnes and Noble, taking part in the Harry Potter party that will culminate with the release of the books at midnight. They are wearing handmade t-shirts that read "Harry Potter Fan Since 1998." Mind you, they were seven years old when this phenomenon started. They were so little, the first Harry Potter books were read aloud to them. And still, they love it.

Author J.K. Rowling has expressed extreme dismay at the "spoilers" who have reviewed copies of the book that were obtained via early, unauthorized release. She shouldn't waste another second on this. Would any real Harry Potter fan read a spoiler review? NO WAY. They want to be there, buy their own copy of the book, and sit down to read it cover to cover.

For a change, it's not hype, and it can't be spoiled. It is the real deal.

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