Friday, July 20, 2007

Chasing Rainbows

My friend, the painter Rebecca Darlington, has launched a blog that explores the thoughts behind her current work, in which she paints all manner of everyday items strung on clotheslines. I love her creative impulse, that our lives are like wash hung on the clothesline for all to see.

I'm both tickled and a little embarrassed to see that one of her earliest entries is about a painting called Chasing Rainbows

© 2007 Rebecca Darlington

In her post, Rebecca writes This painting was inspired by a pair of shoes that a good friend of mine wore home from a trip to L.A. Designer shoes from who knows what fancy avenue. My mind started spinning about where the shoes had been and how the gal had experienced life while wearing them.....Dates, love in the air, traveling across the continents for love, chasing rainbows in her dreams. These are definitely articles from a 21st Century woman.

I lent Rebecca my shoes for this painting, and I've known all along that it was somewhat biographical. The NYC subway map, the vintage linens, an empty wineglass, a book open to the page where the reader left off, a casual bunch of roses.....items personal to me, pinned to the line. I am smiling now, as she writes about it. These past two years have certainly been an adventure for me, both personally and professionally. And I have, indeed, traveled across continents for love.

In fact, I'm in the last stages of writing a book proposal for a memoir/self-help book about online dating for women over 40. I can’t tell you how many times women have asked me where I met my partner, and when I tell them I met him online they exclaim, “Oh, I could NEVER do that.” And I think to myself, “Oh, but you MUST do that!”

I decided to write the book as a practical guide to getting started, staying safe, and using the many resources available on the Internet to help women over 40 in their search for a compatible, loving partner. I think of it as a personal toolkit for women who hope to be in love again. The response so far has been very good, and when and if it's published there will be a lot more of my intimate life "hanging on the line"!

See Rebecca's blog by clicking on this link.
You on line: Chasing Rainbows

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